The majority of my commissions are shot on digital as it provides a technically superior image compared to film, especially in low light and a fast and efficient workflow allowing me to deliver high quality final images within tight deadlines.

Despite the many advantages of digital, I love shooting and working with film. I love the look of film, with its rich tonal response and gentle handling of highlights, the alchemy of developing and the magic of the handcrafted process of traditional darkroom printing. 

My personal projects are shot almost exclusively on medium or large format film, depending on the subject. As I'm not working to a clients deadline for the final image, I can afford the extra time using film requires. With the luxury of a permanent darkroom I develop and print myself and depending on how the image is going to be used I either scan the negative to give me the flexibility of a digital file or print using a traditional enlarger in the darkroom. 






Robert Gooch : Photographer
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